Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ReclinerGM Blog

Here's one of this city's greatest new additions to the sports Blogosphere: ReclinerGM

Straight-up commentary from two Philly kids who are into Philly sports. Think Bill Simmons minus the million comments from hacks who can't wait to get their two cents in.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

CASA announces their League Awards for the Fall 2007 Season

The CASA Soccer League's 7th (and biggest) season wrapped up on December 8th. The Fall 2007 Season had an incredible 30 teams split among 3 divisions.

CASA is quickly becoming one of the largest, most organized outdoor Soccer groups/leagues in the Philly area.

Here are some awards they've given for the Fall 2007 Season. Sadly, not one mention of STONEY UNITED.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joe Strummer SBs being sold for cost tommorrow at Exit Skateshop...

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Taken from Steve at Exit's MySpace:

Listen up... I don't back them, and I know Joe Strummer wouldn't either so we are selling them for cost, (38$) and donating all the money to a local charity for christmas... 12 pm on the dot tomorrow afternoon...We are not holding any so hurry up...

Note to Nike... Dead dude your cashing in on also has a charity maybe that might help...

Big ups to Steve for trying to stay as true as possible to the Indie roots that made the "Underground" what it once was, and Nike is one of the reasons that I say "once was". If this is not a big enough reason to support Exit in the future then I don't know what it.

Stay Gold.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stoney United, Game 2

On the afternoon of Saturday, December 8th Stoney United faced off against Gary's for its second game in the Newts Indoor League. "The Golden Boys" got off to not so good start, playing down to the disorganized and rowdy Gary's. Gary's played a very unorganized game of kick and run, which led to the first goal for "The Golden Boys". The first goal coming from J.Livewell, a rip off the foot striaght to the upper left corner. The first half was played very sloppy by both sides, Stoney United lucky to be up a goal in the first half. The second half Stoney U. adapted well to Gary's play and controled the ball most of the second half. With about 8 minutes left in the game, JLivewell caught Gary's off guard on a breakaway netting the ball to the left corner. The goal giving Stoney a little breathing room with some time left in the final half. Around the 2 minute mark in the 2nd half, Gary's pulled their goalie. Which led to J.Kirchenbauer picking off a pass and easily putting in the third goal for Stoney U. All in all, Stoney adapted well to the reckless play of Gary's and with the help of solid defensive play, S.Gallagher notched his first shutout of the season. The win brings "The Golden Boys" to 1-0-1 on the season.

Stoney United: JLivewell ('10), J.Livewell (32'), J. Kirchenbauer (39')

Gary's: J.Bolt 22/25 Saves
Stoney United: S.Gallagher 17/17 Saves

Next Game
Preliminary - December 15th @ 1:30 pm
Newts (Shissler Rec.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Digs Darklighter's -- "Boomboxcutter"

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Whats more fitting for my first album review on All Philly, All Day. Than the latest release from illatropolis Records, and Frankford's own Digs Darklighter. The album entitled "Boomboxcutter" is a 15 track monster of in your face indie hip hop, in its purest form. No bling boastin', gadt rappin', nonsense. Digs touches on things from all walks of Philly life. From the neighborhood life, to graffitti kings, to malt beverages. At first take, I noticed the album artwork screaming nothing but Philly. The tall hands, gangster scripts, wicked straight letter, and photograph of sneakers on the wire (taken by Digs).

The beats on "Boomboxcutter" smack you in the mouth, right of the bat. Every track is full of ill cuts, classic samples, and some obsecure greatness. Most of the tracks are produced by Stape Mega, who gives you no choice but to remember his production steez. Each and every track on point. The production on "First Element" stands out in the crowd, produced by Caliph-Now."First Element" has to be the illest Illadelph graffitti anthem released. "First Element" is without a doubt one of my favorties, up there with "What We Are All About" , "Big 5" , and "Sick of the City" with production from underground legend RJD2.

When "Boomboxcutter" came to its end, I definetly felt myself wanting more. Never getting bored with one track, each and every track kept my ears peeled and head noddin'. Psyched on Digs representing Philly, the way Philly should be represented. Straight truth. With all said and done, go pick this up at a local independent record shop in the city. You will not be dissapointed. Keep an eye of Digs Darklighter's MySpace for updated on shows and such.

Stay Golden,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is not Philly related..

but it's my blog so I can do what I want.

And I'm gonna do you the favor of posting a link to this awesome cover.
Brand New covering Neutral Milk Hotel's track "Oh Comely".
"Oh Comely" is off of one of my faavorite albums of all time, IN AN

This rips:

Bless this mess.
Sean Pat

Yo. If you happen to be in COPENHAGEN...

..because people randomly take trips there. Right?
Check out the first solo show in EUROPE from the dude Stephen Powers.
The dude is straight killin it, worldwide.
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V1 Gallery presents:
A solo exhibition by Stephen Powers
Opening day: November 23 2007. From 16.00 to 21.00.
Exhibition period: November 23 2007 to December 21 2007.

V1 Gallery proudly presents Sleep and Repeat, a solo exhibition by Stephen Powers. Stephen Powers is legendary on the American art scene. He has collaborated with some of the most progressive artists and curators in the States, created a seminal magazine and written two influential books. Now he is coming to V1 Gallery with his first solo exhibition in Europe: Sleep and Repeat.

In Sleep and Repeat Stephen Powers extends the fleeting everyday to a timeless state of society. Using the clear-cut symbols of the commercial world, Powers detourns the trivial daily routine in the modern Western world. The consciousness of the fact that repetition not only has an impact on one’s existence from day to day, but also from year to year and life to life, is conceived in a return to an iconography from the past and not least the use of the old fashioned hand painted enamel signs as medium.

In Sleep and Repeat the great existentialist choices are blurred by a habit-forming and uncomplicated routine: ”Wake, Work, Wait, Work, Wank, Work, Want, Wane”. However, it soon becomes obvious that under the polished surface the apparently unreflective action is problematic and claustrophobic. The weekdays are no longer called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Mundane, Duesday, Whensday, Thirsty, Frieday, Sadderday and Someday. Unpaid bills, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and post-it notes interweave with anger, insecurity, hate, jealousy, longing and fear of death. Power’s paintings are full to the brim with unrealized dreams and ambitions, worries, defeats and empty advice from self-help books. And the colourful objects and people float in the works like fragments of thoughts in a pitch-black and inscrutable universe.

Stephen Powers belongs to the generation of artists that dissolved the contrast between street and gallery in the early nineties which is also the reason for his alias ESPO (Exterior Surface Painting Outreach). From the beginning of his career he has practised the power of words and the dialogue with the viewer. Powers calls his visual expression ’Emotional Response Icons’, and he has compared his artistic activity with emotional cave painting, wherein he recounts and sums up the human condition in easy-to-recall and easy-to-grasp pictures. Lately Powers has explored narrative stories in his painting installations. This is also the case in Sleep and Repeat.
Stephen Powers (f. Philadelphia, 1969) has had solo exhibitions at Deitch Projects (2005), Alleged Annex (2003) and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (2007). He has participated in group exhibitions at Luggage Store (2005), Deitch Projects (2002) and the seminal Beautiful Losers-exhibition which has toured the world since 2004. Powers’ different collaborations with Barry McGee and Todd James have been exhibited at Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Deitch Projects in New York, The Venice Biennial in Venice and Parco Gallery in Tokyo. Powers conceived the idea for Creative Time’s project Dreamland Artist Club, in which more than forty artists (Powers included) painted signs and fun fair rides in the infamous amusement park on Coney Island in New York. And last but not least he created On The Go Magazine (1989-1997) and has written The Art of Getting Over (1999) and First and Fifteenth (2006).

Taken from the Euro Graff Monster BATES's blog over at 12oz Prophet.
Check out his blog. Quality shit, ALL DAY.
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The Dude,

Jinxed Philadelphia

My man Mike and his Jinxed label are going through utter nonsense right now, and I give the utmost respect to the dude for sticking to his guns and keepin on, throughout all this shit. Jinxed has been around far longer than any boutique and dumb wannabe trend shop. Mike was the first to take interest in the whole Mr. G project and for that I'll forever be on his side. The dude is true Philadelphia, and not one person can question that. Jinxed has it going on. Bottom line.

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Here is a little rundown from the Jinxed MySpace concerning the current situation down on 4th St..

That's right JinxedPhiladelphia. Or let's hope...While we are still waiting for a response from JINX HACKWARE regarding the future of our name, we might as well start moving in another direction. We've already conceded that the name of the clothing line is going to change, we're going to have a contest for that one later.Anyway, they also told us we have to give them our website. We're fighting them on that one, but to start moving the Jinxed name away from the clothing and more towards the store is they way we're going to do this. A MAJOR site relaunch will be happening this week. We're launching it under but you'll still be able to reach it via We will finally be addressing the biggest complaint we've heard and putting our store on the site. You will be able to by an up-to-date selection of books, toys, shirts and more. Also, we are tenatively having a Christmas Party at The Barbary on December 18th. D.J. Opalrock and Lucky are starting a monthly party there and it would be a great way to kick it off. The Barbary is also under new ownership and completely redone so it's a good excuse to check it out.

Save the date for the JINXED CHRISTMAS PARTY!!
at The Barbary941 Frankford Ave.
Mike will be bringing a roasted pig.
Free until 10p.m. Then McRad is gonna play.
The Barbary is under new ownership and completely remodeled...
Haters eat a dick...Everyone else eat some pork!

Stay Gold.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sam Flores "War + Peace" at the Lineage Gallery...

I slept on the opening which was November 16th, but I did get a chance to check out the show and it was pure Sam Flores, steez. Amazing. Hurry on down to 2nd and Market and check out another great showing from Mr. Flores.
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