Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Digs Darklighter's -- "Boomboxcutter"

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Whats more fitting for my first album review on All Philly, All Day. Than the latest release from illatropolis Records, and Frankford's own Digs Darklighter. The album entitled "Boomboxcutter" is a 15 track monster of in your face indie hip hop, in its purest form. No bling boastin', gadt rappin', nonsense. Digs touches on things from all walks of Philly life. From the neighborhood life, to graffitti kings, to malt beverages. At first take, I noticed the album artwork screaming nothing but Philly. The tall hands, gangster scripts, wicked straight letter, and photograph of sneakers on the wire (taken by Digs).

The beats on "Boomboxcutter" smack you in the mouth, right of the bat. Every track is full of ill cuts, classic samples, and some obsecure greatness. Most of the tracks are produced by Stape Mega, who gives you no choice but to remember his production steez. Each and every track on point. The production on "First Element" stands out in the crowd, produced by Caliph-Now."First Element" has to be the illest Illadelph graffitti anthem released. "First Element" is without a doubt one of my favorties, up there with "What We Are All About" , "Big 5" , and "Sick of the City" with production from underground legend RJD2.

When "Boomboxcutter" came to its end, I definetly felt myself wanting more. Never getting bored with one track, each and every track kept my ears peeled and head noddin'. Psyched on Digs representing Philly, the way Philly should be represented. Straight truth. With all said and done, go pick this up at a local independent record shop in the city. You will not be dissapointed. Keep an eye of Digs Darklighter's MySpace for updated on shows and such.

Stay Golden,

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