Sunday, November 18, 2007

Interview with Fishtowner, Private Joseph Dunbar. Live and Direct from IRAQ.

For my first interview I thought my younger cousin, a best friend of mine Joey Dunbar would be fitting. Joey is a 21 year old Fishtowner, he joined the Army this past year. He finished his basic training in June, and that quick they sent him to Iraq in August. Here is an interview with one of my heros...

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Pvt. Dunbar in the middle.
SG: Let everyone know a little about yourself?

Pvt.Dunbar: the names joseph dunbar, im 21 years of age, soon to be 22. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa in a big irish catholic family. Im 21 years old soon to be 22. I grew up around alot of good people and alot of bad people, but hey who doesnt. Last few years of my life been very hectic, i needed a change for myself and i decided to join the United States Army.

SG: Coming from a neighborhood like Fishtown, how does growing up in such a close knit neighborhood effect you in the Army?

Pvt. Dunbar: just like anything else in life it has its pros & cons. i learned that you cant trust everyone and anything but when it comes down to it ill give my all for you if your a stand up guy.

SG:When did you arrive in Iraq? Tell me a little bit about your experience there so far?

Pvt. Dunbar: im not gonna lie when i first arrived in Baghdad my emotions were all over the place, i didnt know what to expect,you see on tv all sorts of chaos and blood but i was ready more than i would ever be, i got the best training in the world to prepare me for this day so i was ready to get started.

SG:Do you believe in what your fighting for over there? Should we be there? Or, are you at the point where your fighting for your fellow soldiers and not so much for our President?

Pvt. Dunbar: i believe in democracy , you need a goverment for a country to be stabilized and it this point in the war thats what were over here doing, trying to get this country in order. i mean there are days when we loose a fellow brother in arms and its like damn why are we here but it our job ya know, but yes i do believe we should be here but i dont think we need the number of troops we have over here. the fighting for the president died out in 04'.

SG:What do you do to keep sane in Iraq?

Pvt. Dunbar: the family i acquired while ive been in the army, i went through basic training with some of the guys i deployed with so i know them guys pretty well and we just stick together, calling home to seapk to your loved ones is a must, they are your motivation and your fight to keep on going.

SG: How is the food? What do you eat?

Pvt. Dunbar: the food isnt too bad, i mean nothing is like your moms home cooking but it gets us by. i dont mind crubbin in the Dfac (dinning facility) they have a little bit of everything, like a college cafitiera. when we are out in sector on missions we eat out there with locals the normaly eat chicken or lamb, not bad, they could use some tom bombs honey mustard.

SG: Does being able to use a computer over there in Iraq make a bit easier?

Pvt. Dunbar: most definetly, my laptop is the key to my happiness out here, without the laptop i wouldnt be able to talk to my ol' lady or my loved ones, keeps me updated on sports & some serious ebay'in

SG:When do you come back? And what are you looking forward to doing once your back in Fishtown?

Pvt. Dunbar:ill be back in philadelphia on the 15th or 16th of febuary,im looking foward to spending much needed time with my family and my girl, ive only seem them maybe 6 times in the last year, last but not least throwin them back with my brother SPG @ the board.

SG:Any last words?

Pvt. Dunbar: for the people who dont support what we do over here, fuck you. until you can walk a day in any of our boots keep your mouths shut because you have no idea what its like to be over here in a war.

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