Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Years Eve, '98

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It was the morning of New Year's Eve, 1998. I got a phone call that a bunch of my friends were going to go paint, Schmidt's Brewery and Daniel Boone School. Both Schimdt's and Boone were a staple to my youth, from playing "freedom" in there, to vandalizing the bulidings. I knew both buildings like the back of my hands from spending many of days in both. That morning we all met up at my house, backpacks full of paint and pockets full of markers and mean streaks. It was me, POE, KID, SES, PADE, MECA, ZEET, and TEMP. We refered to our crew as ESC, short for Every Second Countz.

We started out in Schmidts smashing everything with tags and throws. climbing around and being out of control. It was a typical day off of school for all of us. Graffitti and abandoned buildings. After a few hours and kicking most of our paint we decided to head next door to Boone and finish things up there. We were having a blast. Takin flicks, and being downright wreckless. Wrecking shit. In the mid 90's Boone was like a museum for Philly graffitti, with notable pieces on still in tact blackboards in the classrooms from Kunt, Syphi, Liquid and so many more. Ripping hands from Chicago, Duck, Praez, and CakeMix, just to name a few.

After running around like animals in Boone for quite a while my friend Tim, (who was the skitz of the crew) starts screaming that cops just came in the first floor doors looking for us. Everybody instantly scatters, runs and hides. Me breaking into a panic and thinking how bad my ass would get whooped if i got cuffed for graff, I proceed to jump from a second floor balcony on the north side of the building. The jump being about 30 feet, I wind up breaking my wrist and arm in 2 places in impact of hitting the ground. My wrist/and arm are instanly mangled. With no time to sit around and loook at it, I book up the street holding wrist in severe pain.

The whole way home I am thinking of legit excuses of telling my mom how i broke my arm. Knowing I could never tell her the truth. Luckily theyre was a light coating of snow on the ground, and i told her i slipped and broke the shit. She was infuriated, screaming at me for being a idiot....

All in all, I came to find out that the cops that were thought to be coming in was only a few bums looking for some warmth and I jumped out the window for no damn reason. Thanks Tim. And to this day my Mom still don't know the truth to me breaking it. With Scmidt's being demolished a few years ago, and Boone being turned into condos. I will never have the chance to reinact that day again...

In the upcoming weeks I will be scanning a bunch of photos from both Schmidt's, and Boone.
Soo stay tunedd..

Your Boy.

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both them places were wild...